Interpretation of Ledgers

Brian Schmult has accomplished some remarkable interpretation of the Hopewell Ledgers.  Any questions or comments may be sent to  and will be forwarded to Brian.

Please note: that Brian refers to the entire collection as Books since some of the records strictly speaking are not all referred to as Ledgers.

See the links below for the details

Clink to see Brian Schmult research paper

Brians final version of the map of the books-excel file

Click here to see the Map of Selected Books

Note:  This map is extremely large and you will need to navigate either down or across to see the work.

In addition is a Index of of the various books which adds a Logical Identifier (LID) to each record.  The reason for adding a LID is that the SM identifiers were not assigned on a logical basis such as by date of creation.  The LID attempts to organize each record by the approximate date of creation.

This index also shows the current owner of the original record.

Hopewell Furn Records Master Index