Edmond Doherty was the founding president of Friends of Hopewell Furnace (FOHF) in 1994. He and his wife, Frances, met with a group of people who had seen an article in the Reading Eagle that a meeting would be held to form a Friends group. During Edmond’s term, as president, the Friends sponsored a spring cleanup; researched, wrote and reenacted a 1830s wedding; started work with the herb garden; sponsored a series of lectures; and became incorporated as a non-profit corporation. Among the early presidents of the Friends, following Edmond, were Florence Williams and Barbara Smitley.

The following is a list of presidents and their tenures.

Friends Presidents Tenure
Gene Delaplane 2014
Jim Thorne 2012-2013
Beth Shugar 2011
Terry Stauffer 2006-2010
Bill Deegan 2005
Fred Hessler 2001-2004
Barbara Smitley 2000
Florence Williams 1997-1999
Edmond Doherty 1994–1996

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